Notebook Cover

I have a problem. It’s really more like an addiction. I cannot resist a cute notebook. As a result, at any given time I have about 20 notebooks on hand. And that’s no exaggeration.

Aside from it being ridiculous to have so any notebooks, the cute ones cost between $2 and $7. And that’s a huge waste of money when you can just make this cuuute notebook cover with some leftover fabric.


Then, you can buy the boring $.59 notebooks at the back to school sale, save money and ensure that you are always taking notes in style.

You will need:
*12-15 inches of regular cotton 45″ fabric. I used the same fabric for the interior and exterior of my project, but you could make them both different colors as well.
*Midweight to heavyweight interfacing
*A notebook (duh)

Open your notebook and lay it on your fabric. You should several inches on either side, depending on how wide you’d like the inner folds to be, and an inch or two at the top and bottom.


Add your interfacing, getting close to the edges, then stitch the sides, right sides together.


Press the seams, turn the fabric right side out and press again. Then, lay your notebook open on top, fold the edges in and press in place.


Here’s where you’ll feel like you’re making progress. Turn it all inside out again and push the folds to the inside to press again. Pin and stitch all the way across the top. Trim any excess fabric.






Turn it back to right sides out and put your notebook in the folds to feel good about yourself and to gauge where you’ll need to turn up the bottom.

Fold the bottom of the fabric in, press and finish up with a ladder stitch! You’re done!

I added the felt and embroidery monogram after. Well, to be honest, it’s not even attached in the picture. I haven’t made a full commitment to those colors yet. But the whole thing (without the monogram) took one episode of Property Brothers to finish.

I can’t wait to make a few more!