Monthly Archives: April 2013

Today is the kind of day that makes me fall in love with San Antonio all over again.  The weather is gorgeous, we’re in the middle of Fiesta, and I just ate the most delicious snow cone in the world.  Cheesecake flavored. I told my mom this morning that I can’t remember a happier time […]

So, I’m legendary around these parts for starting crafty projects and never finishing them.  In my defense, I start andfinish lots and lots of projects for work – costumes, props, set pieces, etc.  It’s really when I am working on my own stuff that I get distracted and forget about something for weeks (okay, months and […]

Each time I start one, I quickly forget about it.  There are probably close to a dozen blogs that have my name on them drifting around the internet.  Here’s hoping this one sticks. Some things about me: 1. I’m a single mom of the sweetest toddler you’ll ever meet, Andrew Joseph 2. I’m also a […]