Monthly Archives: January 2014

There are a lot of crochet heart patterns on Pinterest. they’re not all cute and they’re not all free – these are two crucial things. But this pattern on was quick and easy and cute. I’m somewhat new to crochet so it was also a nice way to build skills. Here’s my finished project, or well-on-my-way-to-finished. I […]

If I had a nickel for every painting or picture I’ve made to go in my son’s room, I’d have enough nickels to go to the craft store and buy supplies to make more. And that’s probably what I would do. I can’t stay away. As it stands, I have way too many things to […]

I’m an aunt again! I now have a third precious niece, born to my sister and brother-in-law on January 9. I crocheted a quick hat on the car ride to visit the new baby in Houston. I love it and hope she does too! I told you I was on a crochet kick.

I made these when Andrew was a few months old. If you know my son, you’ll appreciate how well the hair and shape of his head in this illustration matches the real life version. It’s another example of things that I don’t have room for on Andrew’s walls.