Summer Camp season has officially begun at the performing arts school.  We’ve got two camps a week running now through August 15 and it is simultaneously the most stressful and most FUN season for us at work.  Anyway, it always feels like a good time to start something new. Seeing as I have been having the same […]

About a year ago, I lost a lot of weight following Weight Watchers.  I totally love Weight Watchers, by the way. Easy to do and effective. But that’s not the point of this story. While I was on WW, I was always in search of delicious recipes with low point values.  And I came across 3-2-1 […]

Some of my students at the theater were putting on a show we’d written about a school for super heroes. It was a short show, but you really can’t have a super hero show without a full set of capes.  With fifteen kids in the show, I wanted something easy to make, but that still […]

Back in December, my mother bought me a cookie decorating pen. I went crazy. I had a great time and couldn’t wait to bust it out again for Easter cookies.

Every Easter, my mom and I make what we like to call our Resurrection Cake. A few years ago, we found some figurines in a Christian bookstore and bought them for one of my nieces. When we later decided they were too small for her to play with, we made a cake, using them as […]

There are a lot of crochet heart patterns on Pinterest. they’re not all cute and they’re not all free – these are two crucial things. But this pattern on was quick and easy and cute. I’m somewhat new to crochet so it was also a nice way to build skills. Here’s my finished project, or well-on-my-way-to-finished. I […]