Breaking news – a FINISHED product!

So, I’m legendary around these parts for starting crafty projects and never finishing them.  In my defense, I start andfinish lots and lots of projects for work – costumes, props, set pieces, etc.  It’s really when I am working on my own stuff that I get distracted and forget about something for weeks (okay, months and maybe years) at a time.

But TODAY, I woke up ready to work.  We’ve had two weekends of shows in a row, so I haven’t gotten to do much for myself in the last month or so…the craftiness was building up inside of me.

But here’s the finished product: a cute puppy softy for Andrew.  He loves dogs and so far he really likes the softy.  I’m taking bets for how long it takes for him to rip off the button eyes.

18026_593513672300_1713436700_n 549076_593513687270_1281429814_n