Ronald McDonald House Chair-ity Event

A good friend of mine asked me to donate a chair to our local Ronald McDonald House for their annual Chair-ity event. It’s an event where local artists, companies and celebrities design and decorate a chair to be sold at auction to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House.

The gears in my head are always spinning and I had plenty of almost-ideas, but I was lacking any real inspiration. When I found this chair at a nearby Goodwill, I decided to use it’s flourishes as a springboard and give it a real San Antonio/Fiesta flair.

Ladies and gents, my chair:


PHASE 1. I wish I’d thought to take a real “Before” picture.  This is after it was primed and ready for sketching. Below is the lovely back board, ready to be filled with paint and doodles.


PHASE 2. And here are some very early sketchings…  I have decided at this point that it’s going to be better to complete the back board before I go any further. I want to incorporate as much of the original design as I can, so I think I want to see how that’s going to turn out before I sketch too much.


PHASE 3. Moving right along. You would probably not be surprised at how difficult it is to accomplish the detail on this chair with a toddler hanging around.  It doesn’t matter what’s on TV or what else he’s doing – if I’m working on the chair, he is either trying to get his hands on my paintbrushes, or trying to climb on top of me while I paint.  He refers to this as: “Helping you, Mommy.”


photo 1   photo 4

photo 3 photo 2


Detail work almost finished…



Aaaaaaaaaaand, we are DONE! It’s a good thing I could finish this while watching the Spurs beat Miami. It kept me from stressing about the game!