I keep trying to start a blog…

Each time I start one, I quickly forget about it.  There are probably close to a dozen blogs that have my name on them drifting around the internet.  Here’s hoping this one sticks.

Some things about me:
1. I’m a single mom of the sweetest toddler you’ll ever meet, Andrew Joseph
2. I’m also a small business owner.  I own a drama/dance school and it’s what I was born to do.
3. I love sewing, painting, and general craftiness, but I rarely finish the projects that I start (See #1 & #2)
4. I recently lost 45 pounds.  I’m working on another 30, but I’m super proud of the initial loss.
5. I also recently started running – working toward running a 5k.  I actually don’t care if I ever run an actual race, but I’d love to build up my stamina and be one of those people you see on Saturday mornings who look like they are actually running for fun.
6. If I weren’t running a theater for kids & teens I’d love to be…a weathergirl, a magazine editor, a singer, going back to school…and a thousand other things.