I used to think Angelina Jolie was crazy.  All those kids…

I read somewhere that adoption can have an addictive effect on the parents, and I can see it.  Actually, I can see how parenting (in any form) can have an addictive effect.  Right after I had my son, I thought I would never do it again.  Being pregnant is uncomfortable and often just gross.  And just when you are feeling your grossest, the physical act of having the baby resets your standards of grossness to a whole new level. And then, after labor (even though mine was incredible easy) they don’t even let you sleep!  I loved my son right away, though that “I will gladly die for you” feeling took a couple of weeks.  Even still, my life seemed determined to get grosser.

Then, around the time my son turned 9 months old, I felt it creeping in.  I had to have another.  Unfortunately, my ex-husband and I had separated and it was getting messy, so it wasn’t going to happen.

And it still won’t.  Not for a long, long time.  Maybe not ever.  And that’s….ok.

Now that I am in deep (at a whopping 17 months of experience), I can see how families expand so easily.  Especially with adoption.  Andrew is a lucky kid.  He has a family who loves him more than anything.  Even though our circumstances are not ideal, he has a mom who would give up her entire life for his happiness, he has a grandpa who is his best friend, and a grandma who wants to sit with him as he falls asleep for a nap each day.   I love being a mom.

The side effect of all of this is that when I hear about other kids in harmful or neglectful situations, all I want to do is rescue.  I picture Andrew in their place – hurting, unwanted, ashamed – and my heart breaks.  Why is he so lucky?   Why is he so lucky when there are children out there who need so much more love than they will ever be given?

Several years ago, an old roommate and I watched a documentary on orphans in Romania.  It changed my life.  Which brings me to Sevenly.  If you don’t know about them, you should look them up.  Each week, they sell clothing, bags and accessories to benefit a charity.  A portion of all proceeds goes toward the charity, and they update you so you can see the good that you’re doing.  This week’s charity is Love Without Boundaries, which helps children in China born with birth defects and deformities.  They pay for necessary surgeries and help bring the children home to their adopted families.

Here’s a video on the chairty. – Love Without Borders

And here’s the design from the shirt I ordered:


Anyway, it really touched my heart this week.  Take some time to look up Sevenly if you get a chance.