Summer Camp Slim Down

Summer Camp season has officially begun at the performing arts school.  We’ve got two camps a week running now through August 15 and it is simultaneously the most stressful and most FUN season for us at work.  Anyway, it always feels like a good time to start something new. Seeing as I have been having the same old argument with my scale these days, I’m going to make a Summer Camp Resolution…my Summer Camp Slim Down.

Now, I should say, I’m not super unhappy with how I look. But I do want to feel better, look better in my clothes, have an easier time chasing my son around and have a little more confidence.  Here are the steps I’m hoping to take this summer to get me closer to where I want to be:

1) Track 50,000 steps each week with my FitBit. I love FitBit.  And this shouldn’t be too difficult, as we do lots of singing and dancing in camp.  On a typical day, I track between 5000 and 7500 steps, so I just need to kick it up a notch. There are a lot of opportunities for me to move around. The trouble is, I’ve gotten into a terrible habit of demonstrating and teaching a dance, and then letting my students take it from there.  I’m going to make a real effort to keep dancing with them throughout the week.

2) Consistently track my food.  Again, I just need to step things up here. I use the Lose It! app, and I’m really great at tracking breakfast and sometimes lunch. Time to bring dinner into the equation…because that’s where I really fail. I’ll have a good diet day and then get home and feel like I’ve got room for extra calories and I just go crazy. If I could be better at tracking, I’d be a lot more successful.

3) Limit myself to one sweet moment a day. This will be what kills me. I have a mean sweet tooth and my brain tells me to finish every meal with a sweet morsel or two or twelve. So, once a day instead of three or four times a day should make a difference.

4) Eat one meal primarily of fruits and vegetables. Fruit and yogurt for breakfast, salads, etc. Nikki Dinki appeared on Season 9 of Food Network Star with “Meat On The Side” cooking, putting vegetables at center stage.  I love that idea, I just need to put it into practice.  But hey, I had a great salad for lunch today, so I’m on my way, right?

And that’s that. I’m obviously hopeful for success, and hopeful that making this quest public will help me stay motivated.