up, up and away!

Some of my students at the theater were putting on a show we’d written about a school for super heroes. It was a short show, but you really can’t have a super hero show without a full set of capes.  With fifteen kids in the show, I wanted something easy to make, but that still was made well enough to look great on stage.

Now, I’d rather go through a lot of my own trial and error than research all the different kinds of capes to make, but my first try went very well.  I’ve got the steps I took below, and unfortunately, I don’t have a set pattern for my cape design.  I eyeballed it when I first cut it and then used the original for the rest of the capes.  But, as you can see, it’s not a difficult shape and you also might just want to go for it!

Step 1. Cut two pieces of fabric in your desired shape. I started off with red and black (and forgot to finish taking pictures, which is why the last set of these photos is in red and blue instead – I promise the process is the same). For the first cut, I cut the fabric on the fold so that I could be sure the two sides matched. Once it was cut, I trimmed a couple of places I wasn’t happy with, then used that piece (in red) to cut the pieces for all the rest of my capes.

photo 1   photo 2

Step 2. Starting with the neckline (because that’s the most important section to match up) pin and sew the two sides together. After finishing the neckline, stitch up both sides and at the shoulders as well. Trim the corners of the shoulders so that they’ll come to a nice point when you turn the cape inside out…or inside in…whatever.

photo 3  photo 4


Step 3. Turn the cape inside out from the opening at the bottom and iron.  The neckline, sides and shoulders should all be turned neatly under with the stitching now.  You are almost done and probably looking very nice.  This is where you start to feel really proud of what you are accomplishing in such a short amount of time.  You could make a dozen of these today, if you started your morning with a good cup of coffee!

As long as you’re here and at the ironing board, fold the bottom of each side of the cape in and iron the fold until it’s neat and tidy. Pin all the way across and head back to the sewing machine to finish it off by stitching straight across, as close to the edge as you can get.

photo 5  photo 1 (1)

Step 4. You’re ready for the emblem!  I used felt and Stitch Witchery to create my designs…super easy.  I had a request for a “Tron” cape and my son is going through a Captain America phase.  I know, I know…neither of them have actual capes, but who cares!

For Tron, I traced a circle onto felt with a plate, then trimmed the inside out to make a ring.  I added four squares and, once they were attached, I added some piping around the edges with neon green and blue glow in the dark paint.

photo 2 (1)   photo 3 (1)   photo 4 (1)

For Captain America, I traced my circles with differently-sized plates and bowls around my kitchen, then cut one last circle in the smallest size for the star to make sure that the points of the star filled the blue circle.  I’m very pleased with how they both turned out.

photo 1 (2) photo 2 (2) photo 3 (2) photo 4 (2) photo 5 (2) photo 1 (3)

Step 5. Finally, attach some Velcro at each shoulder.  You could also use elastic or a button or something else like that, but I’ve got a toddler, and I wanted something he could remove on his own or would come undone on its own in case the cape got caught on anything.  We’ve all seen The Incredibles, right?

So, there you go – easy capes!  And honestly, really fun to make, too.  But, if you’re not feeling crafty, check out my Etsy site for more capes like these or to order some customizable capes.

photo 2 (3)